clan of -GOW- and the old -SF- members and new gamers!

Started by -GOW- Klingon, Jul 29, 2022, 03:23 PM

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-GOW- Klingon

Our forum on -Gow- the site has now finally been intergraded with our new forum again and working as it used to be.
you need to register there to join the forum, however, if you are from our clan please add the -GOW- on front of your username so we know you are for our clan, if not but do want to join up then you need to fill in a form on our site so we can see if it will be possible (note this will soon be active for now you can add a Display Name for now and later change it)

remember this is only needed for a game section not for the other discussions.

To -sf- members of the old clan, the -sf- is no longer this is more that we were getting complaints from other game clans who are using the same tags so for this and future please use also the -GOW- in-game, as a tag.